Ribbons- Part 5

Dearest Crafters,

Choose from a variety of floral & plain grosgrain (GG) ribbons :)

From L to R: Pistachio Green, Pink Plaid (SOLD), Light Blue Floral (SOLD), Mauve, & Peach
Size: 1.5 in/3.8cm
Length: 3 yards/2.7m (plain) & 4 yards/3.6m (printed)
Price: RM 11 per spool

From L to R: Pink Daisy, Lollipops, Damask, Pink Princess (0.5in), Ladybugs, Dotted Circles, & Multifloral Turquoise (1in/5yards, RM 11 per spool)
Size:0.6 in/1.5cm
Length: 3yards/2.7m
Price: RM 10 per spool

From L to R:Peach,Citrus (SOLD), Pistachio Green, Spring Bloom, Dotted Squares(0.5 in), Spring Daisy, Dots & Hearts, & Baby Blocks
Size: 1in/2.5 cm (Peach, Citrus, Spring Daisy)
6/8in/1.5cm (Pistachio Green, Spring Bloom, Dots & Hearts, & Baby Blocks
Length: 7yards/6.4m (Peach, Pistachio Green),
5yards/4.5m (Citrus, Dots & Hearts, & Baby Blocks)
3yards/2.7m (Spring Bloom, Dotted Squares, Spring Daisy)
Price: RM 10 per spool

To order/for questions, please email me at buttonsdotcom@gmail.com


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