Elastic Headband Ribbons

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Let's make and embellish your own baby/toddler/adult headbands! Real simple & easy with only 3 steps:

1) Measure the head size
2) Cut & Sew
3) Embellish as you desired

Choose from a variety of colors!

From L to R: White, Ivory White, Baby Pink, & Vibrant Pink

From L to R: Pink-Green, Pink-Black, Scarlet Red, & Red-Black

From L to R: Lime Green, Sea Blue, Purple, & Purple-Green

From L to R: Black & Brown

RM 13 per spool (shipping not included)
Width- 1.5inch
Length- 2 yards/1.8 meters
Makes 5-7 headbands (depending on size)
100% polyester

To order/for questions, please email me at buttonsdotcom@gmail.com

Take care!

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