**Faux Leather & MicroFiber Suede-RESTOCK**

Greetings All,

As promised, I have restock the Faux Leather & MicroFiber Suede sheets in the month of August :)


From L to R:
Yellow (SOLD OUT), Avocado Green (SOLD OUT), Blue (SOLD OUT), White (SOLD OUT) & Brown
Size: 18in X 18in

From L to R:
Beige, Peach (SOLD OUT), Two-tone Brown (SOLD OUT), & Navy Blue (SOLD OUT)

Faux/Syhthetic Leather Sheets
Size: 18in X 18in each
RM 5.50 per piece
100% poly vinyl
Care instruction: Wipe surface with damp cloth


From L to R:
Textured Maroon (SOLD OUT), Baby Blue (SOLD OUT), Peach, Navy Blue, & Tan

MicroFiber Suede Sheets
Size: 18in X 14.5in (Baby Blue SOLD OUT, Peach, Navy Blue, & Tan)- RM 7per piece
Size: 11.5in X 14in (Textured Maroon)- RM 4per piece
100% polyester
Care instruction: Wipe with damp cloth

For sample pictures of faux leather & microfiber suede crafts, go here

To order or for any questions, please email me at buttonsdotcom@gmail.com

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wane tan tu ada ag tak????bby blue mmg tak restock kew???