FUN! Fat Quarters SOLD OUT

Hello All!

Another set of Fat quarters are available now.

From L to R:
Small Blue Flowers (Keepsake Calico), Metallic Flowers (Keepsake Calico), Reagan's Stripes (Heidi Grace), Tossed Cupcakes (Robert Kaufman), JellyBeans (Novelty), & We're Family (Heidi Grace)

FUN! FatQuarters SOLD OUT
RM 50 (shipping not included)
6pcs 18in X 21 in
100% cotton

To order/for questions, kindly email me at

Enjoy your day!

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reserve this for me. dh email td. my email

how much is the shipping cost? if it is to Malaysia

hi there
I sent you an email regarding some ribbons availability. Appreciate if you could get back to me.


have replied your email. hope to hear from u soon

To Rosh, Sue n Mila,

Thanks! :)

Cik Mas, all kiut miut buttons dh sampai. em so muchhh! thanks ya. nnt i nak shopping lg di sini~ emuahhh
thanks ya-ilya

dh dpt d Fun FQ. love 'em all... beli yer..