Twill Tapes *SOLD OUT*

Dear All Crafters,

I have Twill tapes available in few light colors. What are Twill tapes, you asked? Here's the answer :)

(taken from
Twill tape is a type of fabric tape which is woven in a twill pattern, meaning that it has parallel diagonal ribs. This woven pattern is extremely sturdy, making twill tape a very popular sewing notion. There are all sorts of uses for twill tape. It is often utilized, for example, to make sturdy drawstring ties on things like pants, bags, & hospital scrubs. It can also be integrated into seams to reinforce them, or used for trim. Many sewers use twill tape to make labels (tags), since the tape will hold up through years of use without being scratchy or itchy.
Depending on the material used to make twill tape, the tape can often easily be dyed another color. People can also paint or stencil patterns onto the tape, along with other information such as a catalog number or a seamstress' name. In some regions, people also embroider twill tape, as it holds embroidery very well.

Middle: Antique White (w: 0.5inch/15mm, L: 3yd/2.7m)
L: Top to bottom: Blue Dots on White (w: 0.5inch/15mm, L: 3yd/2.7m)
Powder Pink (w: 0.5inch/15mm, L: 3yd/2.7m)
White (w: 0.5inch/15mm, L: 3yd/2.7m)
R: Top to bottom: Pink Dots on White (w: 0.5inch/15mm, L: 3yd/2.7m)
Blue (w: 1.1inch/28.5mm, L: 3 yd/2.7m)
100% polyester
RM13 each (shipping not included)

To order or for futher questions, please email me at

Thank you, all!

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cotton ke twill tape ni?

To Liza A.: twill tape ni ada yang 100% cotton and ada yang 100% polyester. If you want to make your own label, usually the 100% cotton is used.

Hi! can I have the 100% cotton please. My email