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As crafters,

We are constantly looking for new craft ideas to stand out from the rest of the pack. Well, look no further, The Quilter's Bag has added a variety of novelty brads to spice up your unique creations.

What are brads?
Brads are an exciting way to add color and texture to many craft projects. Simply push the brads on the back through paper, felt, fabric, leather, scrap booking, greeting cards and more. Separate brads, push out flat and you are ready to move on. Use for attaching other items, make moving parts or just as decorations. Voila! you're set to go.

Top: (L) Jumbo Pebble Black & White-15mm (12 per pack)- RM15.50 SOLD OUT
(R) Jumbo Pebble In Bloom- 15mm (12 per pack)- RM15.50 SOLD OUT
Bottom: (L) Jumbo Pebble Fresh Anthropology-15mm (12 per pack)- RM15.50 SOLD OUT
(R) Watercolor Brite Square Brads-10mm (50 per pack)- RM14

Top: (L) Jumbo Flower Pastel-20mm (12 per pack)- RM14.50 SOLD OUT
(R) Jumbo Flower Primary-20mm (12 per pack)- RM14.50
Bottom: (L) Hollow Hearts- 15mm (24 per pack)- RM16
(R)Printed Black & White- 8mm (36 per pack)- RM16

Top: (L) Flower Pastel- 12mm (50 per pack)- RM15
(R) Hearts- 10mm (50 per pack)- RM15
Bottom: (L)Mini Star Metallic- 5mm (100 per pack)- RM13
(R)Mini Star Variety-5mm (100 per pack)- RM13 RESTOCK

All brads (stars, flowers, squares, rounds, and hearts) come in 2 sizes (5mm & 10mm)


(L) Multicolor AlphaBeads (6mm) 400pcs- RM 18
(R) White Alphabeads (6.5mm) 400 pcs- RM 18

**Prices stated above do not include shipping.

To order or for questions, email me at buttonsdotcom@gmail.com

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(L) Multicolor AlphaBeads (6mm) 400pcs- RM 18- RESTOCK
(R) White Alphabeads (6.5mm) 400 pcs- RM 18- RESTOCK

how much is this includes shipping to Malaysia?

To Lisa: Please email me @ buttonsdotcom@gmail.com


would love to have those alpha beads for both: multicolor and white please.