Buttons! Buttons!

Good day, lovely crafters!!

It has been a while since I posted cute buttons on this site. Finally, I have the chance to do so :)

Top: (L) Holiday Hearts (23 pieces) & (R) Ladybugs (11 pieces)
Bottom: (L) Assorted Sizes Primary (130 pieces) & (R) Pick a Cherry (12 pieces)

Top: SeaShells (15 pieces)
Middle: Color It! (6 pieces)
Bottom: Assorted Sizes Frost (130 pieces)

Top: (L) Primary Mini Flowers (49 pieces) & (R) Pretty Mini Hearts (49 pieces)
Bottom: (L) Pastel Mini (75 pieces) & (R) Funky Mini Flowers (49 pieces)

Top: (L) Country Mini (75 pieces) & (R) Strawberry Harvest (12 pieces)
Bottom: (L) Clean Mini (75 pieces) & (R) Gingerbread Cookies (9)

Top: (L) Black & White Mini (75 pieces) & (R) Fun Mini (75 pieces)
Bottom: (L) Assorted Sizes Fun (130 pieces) & (R) Primary Mini (75 pieces)

Each packet is RM 10 (shipping not included)

Kindly email me for question or to order buttonsdotcom@gmail.com

Have a nice day!

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